If you’re a frugal wine and spirit drinker – the Ziblee© is for you!

We “frugal drinkers” are a rapidly growing, party loving tribe all to ourselves. If you’re like us and delight in spending a mere $3 – $7 for a bottle of wine or buying the cheap – oops, we mean the “economical” – brands of scotch, vodka, tequila or gin, the Ziblee beverage pleasure enhancer needs a special place on your bar, counter or table.

The Ziblee is an energetically-charged wand-like device that, when stirred gently for six or seven seconds in a glass of wine, liquor, coffee or juice, liberates all the flavor of the beverage and smooths the taste significantly. Just like award-winning vintners, connoisseurs and sommeliers who have used the Ziblee, you will be astounded at the difference it makes. It really does “Make the cheap stuff taste like the good stuff!”


Perfect Quotes

  • This is absolutely the most fun you can have using quantum physics!

The Power at the Heart of Ziblee

The Ziblee is not an ‘aerator’ and it doesn’t have magnets. It’s a totally new technology that uses the subtle energy of frequencies. Those frequencies impact the beverage on a molecular level releasing its full flavor and smoothness. There is no chemical change in the beverage at all, nothing dissolves, nothing is added or taken away.

In the surgical-grade stainless steel spiral waits a uniquely calibrated natural quartz crystal. Due to their balanced and set formation, certain crystals have the ability to tune into the vibrations of what is around them. People have known that since ancient times. Today what we’re able to do with the Ziblee is ‘tune’ the crystal with a proprietary combination of frequencies. When the super-charged Ziblee connects with your beverage it harmonizes the frequencies to gently reveal the remarkable story within every glass. It makes every sip, every drink, every conversation more pleasurable.


For centuries, people have turned to crystals for everything from aligning chakras, to managing data, to tracking the ticking of time. Crystals are willing helpers and because of their innate properties have become a revered tool with virtually limitless applications and potential to benefit nearly every facet of life.

We select and combine specific frequencies and ‘install’ them into the crystals. The crystals transfer them into your beverage the moment they touch. That makes the molecular structure of your drink more organized or “coherent.”

Consider an orchestra warming up. Everyone plays whatever they want, it’s all dis-organized noise. Then the conductor organizes everyone and makes them play in a “coherent” fashion. The music sounds wonderful and all the sounds (frequencies) flow smoothly together. We’re doing the same thing with your beverage! Instead of organizing sound we organize taste and smoothness. Maybe that’s why the Ziblee looks like a Maestro’s baton and on it’s sculptured stand looks almost like a metronome.

When we learn to align frequency energy we can do amazing things. So far the Ziblee is the most fun!


How to Enhance Your Beverage…

Pour your beverage as usual. Slowly and gently stir with your Ziblee for five to seven seconds. Some people prefer to stir in a “Z” pattern, while others believe a figure 8 “infinity pattern” is more powerful.

We do not recommend using your Ziblee with carbonated beverages such as soda, beer or champagne, as it tends to reduce the carbonation. When preparing mixed drinks, Ziblee the spirit first (vodka, rum, etc), then add the carbonating mix. This way you will enjoy both the effects of the Ziblee and the full carbonation.


It Really Works!

The Ziblee knows no fear and welcomes the most skeptical among us. It really is a quantum energy thing and there are only two ways to know that something wonderful has happened to your drink. The first is to look at the molecular structure of the drink under an electron microscope, which we’ve done – but honestly, it’s not that easy to do. The second is a far better option…taste it! Do a variety of taste tests. All in the name of scientific research of course!

You will be richly rewarded!

  • I finally had to admit it; this Ziblee thing is not just some mind trick. The difference in my vodka was dramatic to say the least. Huge improvement.- Joe Sherren
  • Now here’s something you didn’t expect. Often even one glass of wine gives me a headache. When I use the Ziblee that doesn’t happen.- Kristin Arnold
  • To be honest now that we have the Ziblee we prefer cheaper wines compared to the expensive ones. The dollar savings are a great bonus.- B. Clanton
  • I’m a self-proclaimed tequila expert! No BS here, the Ziblee made a very inexpensive brand significantly smoother and better tasting.- Larry Winget
  • It definitely brings the wine flavors forward and smooths the tannins. I also used it with my Starbucks’ French Roast coffee. REMARKABLE…I now use it every day.- G. Mandat, Retail Wine Expert
  • The Ziblee’d wine presented as a more fully matured, round, and harmonically integrated wine… a wine that in the nose and on the palate I would expect only after much more aging.- Alexander Calinin, Gold Medal European vintner
  • The Ziblee revealed uncanny ‘smoothing’ results in some red wine and coffee.- Gilat Ben-Dor, Sommelier and Certified Bordeaux Instructor
  • For a dinner party I bought very cheap wine and very expensive wine so we could test the Ziblee. The cheap wine that was Ziblee’d won our blind taste tests every time over the expensive wine! That convinced everybody!- Wayne Clancy
  • At the end of the day I like a good Scotch. What the Ziblee does to even very inexpensive brands is nothing short of amazing. Honestly it also makes the good stuff even better. Everyone we show it to wants one!- Lori Dryburgh

The Ziblee Infuser for high performance people & pets!


Are you physically active? Of all the beverages the most important for your health is water! Many of us are dehydrated and the older we get the more likely this will pose a health problem. We’re not making any health claims here…but lots of people report that Ziblee-treated water tastes smoother and better and seems to generate more stamina. Especially if you have a physically demanding job or are a runner, cyclist, climber, dancer or you work out – put a Ziblee Infuser into your sports bottle!

Buy several and put one in your table filter jug too…and don’t forget your dog or cat’s water! Do NOT put the Ziblee Infuser directly into your pet’s dish; put it in a jug and fill their water dish from it. Then you won’t worry about your pet swallowing it accidentally. Put an Infuser into the water reservoir of your coffee maker too and you’ll most likely find it tasting better and less acidic tasting.

Ziblee Store

ziblee with stand

Your Ziblee will look great & be a constant conversation piece. The Ziblee is made from hard-anodized aluminum with a surgical-grade stainless steel spiral holding the energized natural quartz crystal. It’s suspended on a beautiful Richard Spindel designed sculptured stainless steel stand with a special drip guard. The Ziblee is a much appreciated gift for everyone who enjoys the pleasure of good tasting wine, spirits & coffee. Makes a unique gift for your customers and clients too…something to consider especially if you are in real estate or other sales capacity! Note: Free shipping in the USA


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